The Glengarry Highland Games 2015

A beautiful day for Clan MacAulay Canada to visit The Glengarry Highland Games in Maxville Ontario. 

As you come into town you’re greeted by the adorable statue of a piper. The Maxville Fair Grounds are easy to find with very happy and helpful volunteers showing you where to park.


We really enjoyed spending time in the Clan Buildings and both Doug and I had the opportunity to chat with our non-MacAulay Clans (MacGregor for Doug and MacLeod for me). There were a lot of Clans represented which is great to see.

We participated in the March of the Clans. You’re paraded around the infield and each Clan is recognized by the announcer.

As with most Highland Games there were many food booths (including some yummy Scotch pies and haggis for Doug) and vendor booths. And yes, there’s a beer tent!


Glengarry also has the heavy games events, tug-of-war and highland dancing.

We caught a bit of the heavy games. But our favourite was watching the pipe band competitions. Sitting behind us in the stands was a piper from Fredericton. He was explaining to his friends some of the inside information you wouldn’t normally know about as an audience. It was a great tutorial for Doug and I. We’ll be cheering for our ‘tutor’ in the Grade 5 Competitions in Montreal tomorrow.

We really enjoyed our day at The Glengarry Highland Games!