Glengrant – The Major’s Reserve

Special thanks to Doug Doughty for submitting this whisky review. A very active member of Clan MacAulay international and a huge help to me in participating in events here in Canada and abroad, Doug likes to be referred to as “First Dude of Western Canada”. 

When I think of single malt whisky, my first thought tends to the highlands, and never to Mexico.  But recently, on vacation in Mexico, Joan and I were in a wine shop looking for a specific Mexican wine when I discovered a new single malt that I hadn’t heard of previously. Glengrant, The Major’s Reserve was distilled in Rothes, Speyside, Scotland.  And the price point appealed to the Scot in me.

I didn’t open the bottle while in Mexico but I did open the box.  What struck me was the colour of the whisky.  It was not the traditional golden caramel colour I’m used to seeing, but instead was a pale yellow.  I thought to myself, this looks like a very thin whisky, but would reserve judgement until I had tried it first-hand.

When I got home, I poured a dram into my glen cairn. I held it up to my nose.  The initial bouquet was smoky with a medicinal hint to it.  It was not what I expected to smell, but I persevered.

I took my first sip, and it was subtle, a slight peaty taste, but the finish was truly amazing.  The box describes the taste as “The superb Single Malt offers a fresh and vanilla palate with a slightly dry and hazelnut finish”.  It had a definite taste of vanilla, but the hazelnut was lost on me, which is ok, because I am not a fan of hazelnut.

Overall, the visual impact was less than I was expecting, the nose was interesting, but the finish was subtle and silky, and worth the wait.

I can honestly recommend this whisky, and sometimes it’s fun to gamble on the unknown, particularly when it pays off.

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