Blasted wee midgies!

We awoke to a perfectly blue sky and bright sunshine. Here’s an idea … even though it’s chilly let’s have our coffee outside. Brilliant. Until we stepped outside. We were swarmed by the midges. We ran, literally.

In Canada we’re used to mosquitoes; they’re a fact of life. And in the wet years, mosquitoes seem to be big enough to carry off your average-size cat and be assigned their own tail number. Continue reading

Watch out for feral goats??

Our Oban Seagull

Our Oban Seagull

You know it’s going to be a good travel day when it starts with a seagull doing yoga outside your hotel window. He was doing a great job of Warrior 2 (for our friends that don’t do yoga, he had his left leg up and his right wing out). For a seagull he was pretty darn cute, well, until he tried to peck the window open. We departed, hastily. Continue reading