MacAulay Point Park, Victoria, British Columbia

My friend and co-worker Todd, who is currently living in Victoria, sent me these fabulous pictures of MacAulay Point Park, where he often goes to have lunch. He discovered that as a prominent geographical outpost near the naval base, MacAulay Point Park used to have cannon/gun turrets as well as POW holding cells. He captured the remains of those in some of the photos. He also provided pictures of our namesake school and street. Continue reading

Fierce warriors!

Wearing our Clan MacAulay jackets certainly opens up conversations! Whether it’s Roberta’s Hats in Victoria or on the Isle of Lewis, people see the Clan MacAulay crest and will share their family connection or stories.

Doug and I were at the Uig Community Centre (great museum – it’s always a must-stop for us) and the volunteer working there saw our jackets and said “Ah, MacAulays. Fierce warriors!” Continue reading

I’m not hen pecked …

There is nothing quite like staying in the village where your family came from. Doug and I were staying at the beautiful Sunaival B&B in Cradhlastadh (Crowlista), Uig overlooking the beautiful Uig Sands. As we were there just after the summer solstice we never did see true darkness. It’s undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. The backdrop of the mountains against the beautiful Caribbean-blue water. Breathtaking.

Each morning we enjoyed taking our coffee outside to take in the view. The owners’ son has laying hens and they are, of course, free range. Continue reading